Better to Burn up than to Fade Away.

Would you love to be part of a creative, bohemian, surprising mix of flashmob, hit&run music, theatre and tastery? Then kickstart your fun engine. You have found a 10 day travelling adventure that will leave you with sweet memories and fresh best friends.

Join for the entire roadtrip festival, or just for a single night. You choose - it’s your adventure!

Want to stay at any of the locations? Directly contact the locations that host the Convoi. Convoi is this year celebrating it's 5th edition!!!! Stay posted: we'd love to meet you on this upcoming adventure!

The Convoi Vibe!!!

Have a peek at the Convoi Vibe. It is so you, isn't it?

The Convoi Tour 2018!!!!

Very soon we will ;launch the fresh locations dates. Stay tuned for that special the Convoi Vibe:

Why Convoi?

Convoiers love the world of festivals. It is full of good music and fresh people. But who really benefits from these festivals? The people who bring all the fun and good food, or the people who market it? We decided to create a festival that is for and by the people who bring the fun stuff. And we have the help and support of fantastic team, who nearly do all the work!

How Convoi Works

Convoi is a roadtrip festival, with performances at 4 locations over 10 days. Do you want to visit or join the Convoi for just one day? No worries, meet us at one of the locations! Do you want to ride with us and share a few days? Fantastic, we’d love to have you drive along!

Just 'wheel up' with us and ride along! You do have to check availability with each location. Some can host you, some do not have the facilities.

If It Has Wheels It Is Convoi

Let's burn rubber and wear smiles from dusk till dawn and beyond!

In Honour of Caveman Zog!

The Wheel. The very essence of hitting the road. Who invented it? Well, let us go back 30.000 years, all the way to the time when Neanderthals roamed the world. Then caveman Zog started his Stone Wheel Shop ( 'Never A Flat Tyre' ). Unfortunately, he pioneered and peaked too soon, but the 'Highway Rats' will honor him with our Road Trip Adventure. Join Us!

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Catch up with us!

Want to join in, or do you happen to know a great place for Convoi to land? Let us know!!!!!!!