Better to Burn up than to Fade Away.

Do you love to be part of a creative, bohemian, surprising mix of flashmob, hit&run music, theatre and tastery? Then kickstart your fun engine. You have found a 10 day travelling adventure that will leave you with lots of sweet memories and fresh best friends.

Convoi is only four years old but our Miles of Fun have just begun! Stay posted and tuned: we'd love to meet you coming adventure!

These are the Convoi 2016 Locations!!!!

For lost minds, lost loved ones that refused to leave the party area and for revisiting the holy Convoi grounds, please contact the location. The 2016 locations are:

Teaser 2015

Our teaser for 2015!

Why Convoi?

Laura, Chris and Bart love the World of Festivals. It is full of good music and fresh people. But who really benefits from these festivals? The people who bring all the fun and good food, or the people who market it? So we decided to create a festival that is from and by the people who bring the fun stuff. And we have the help and support of fantastic team, which nearly does all the work!

If It Has Wheels It Is Convoi

Let's burn rubber and wear smiles from dusk till dawn and beyond!

Have A Nibble Of Convoi

With many thanks to our treasured friends who captured and helped editing the moment! Sigrid Burg, Joep Verdegaal, Maikel Hennipman and Robin Brinkhuijsen.

Food Convoiers?

Well… Convoiers are as diverse as life itself. Expect illegal radio station campers, fresh food old-timers, thirst solving surf vans, groovy bands or sing songwriters on old pickup trucks. As long as it is moveable and charming, it is Convoi. The right spirit is what counts the most: the Smile as first thing to put on in the morning. Check out a random pick of our Convoiers!!!!!

Showtime Convoiers

What is a travelling festival without music and playful people? these Convoiers will make the sun look pale!!!

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